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Your Questions and Concerns, Answered.

What Exactly is Blue Light?

Blue Light is a visible color to the human eye, appearing everywhere in our day to day lives. It has a high-energy and short wavelength. Unlike other types of light, it penetrates through the cornea to the retina. In your daily life, exposure to blue light is harmless and natural. Problems arise from technology-sourced blue light, as exposure is often prolonged and from a short distance.

What Health Risks are Associated With Blue Light?

Worsened Vision and Prematurely Aged Eyes:

Blue light exposure, chieflyover prolonged periods, has been linked to these symptoms in numerous clinical studies. Worst of all, such ailments are permanent, creating a new baseline and worsening over time.

Digital Eyestrain:

Blue light exposure from screens can lead to a decrease in contrast, which causes eyestrain. This leads to sore or irritated eyes and difficulty focusing - that's right, blue light is likely making you a less efficient worker. 

Retina Damage:

Due to its unique ability to penetrate deep into the eyes, prolonged exposure has been linked to damaged retinal cells, which can cause serious vision problems such as age-related macular degeneration.

Does Blue Light Impact Sleep?

Yes, blue light exposure is what regulates the circadian cycle, or your body's natural sleep clock. When you are exposed to blue light at night, it confuses your circadian rhythm, causing difficulty falling asleep and daytime tiredness. This is because your circadian rhythm regulates melatonin production, which is what makes you feel drowsy and tired. It is likely that you will instantly notice an improvement in your sleep, though it may take some time for your body to repair its circadian rhythm. Poor sleep has been clinically linked to countless complications, even including early mortality. There is absolutely no reason to leave yourself exposed to these risks when the solution is so easy.

How do I use RefreshLens?

Simply wear the glasses when you are in close proximity to a blue-light emitting device. You may prefer only wearing them before bed (we recommend putting them on an hour before bed if you are going to look at screens), which is totally acceptable and will most likely be massively beneficial for your sleep. What is important is to ensure that you are educated on the adverse effects of blue light, and are appropriately equipped to protect your health and avoid permanent damage.  Our product equips you to protect your vision at your own discretion, without requiring a high-impact lifestyle change to avoid the harmful influence of blue light.

How Long Does Shipping Take?

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Where Do We Ship?

We support shipping worldwide.

RefreshLens™ Blue Light Glasses
RefreshLens™ Blue Light GlassesRefreshLens™ Blue Light GlassesRefreshLens™ Blue Light GlassesRefreshLens™ Blue Light Glasses